Fire dampers installed at a minimal distance from another damper or from an adjacent supporting construction

Minimal distance

According to the European test standard, a fire damper must be installed at a minimum distance of 75 mm from an adjacent wall and 200 mm from another damper, unless the solution was tested at a shorter distance.  

The main Rf-t fire dampers have been tested – and may, therefore, be installed – in a vertical or horizontal supporting construction, at a distance below the minimum set by the standard. No less than 90% of the classifications of our fire dampers qualify for this installation method. The minimal distance is reduced to 30 mm for circular dampers and to 50 mm between 2 dampers or between a damper and a vertical wall, and to 25 mm between a damper and a floor/ceiling.
 fig. 1 : principle circular dampers   fig. 2 : principle rectangular dampers

For the Rf-t fire dampers, the solution consists of the following elements: a generic sealing (rigid stone wool panels 150 kg/m³ applied to a depth of 400 mm) at the side with minimal distances and a sealing compliant with existing classifications for the rest of the opening
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Details for each damper and each wall type are given in the installation instructions on our website and in the technical documentation.

CR60 / CR120 / CR2 / CU-LT / CU2