Fire damper cartridges

The circular fire damper cartridge is a compact fire resistant product for ducts with a small diameter. It is inserted inside ventilation ducts that cross walls in order to stop the propagation of fire. It is characterised by its easy installation. Two versions are available: the standard fire damper cartridge (technical datasheet S2/S3) and the cartridge equipped with a finishing ventilation valve 'V' (technical datasheet S4/S5) for installation at duct ends.

How does a fire damper cartridge (or 'butterfly blade' fire damper) work?

Fire damper cartridges constitute a compact solution for small-diameter circular ducts. They are perfectly suitable for residential buildings, for example, and are noted for being easy to install. Two versions are available: the standard SC+ fire damper cartridge and the SCV+ equipped with a ventilation valve. The scope of this solution mainly depends on local regulations, because of the absence of an external resetting mechanism. A check must remain possible, and access to the fusible link must be guaranteed.

  1. The fire damper cartridge is inserted into a metal ventilation duct of the same diameter, and is held in position by its rubber seal. Both parts of the blade are held in the open position by the fusible link.
  2. When the temperature in the duct reaches 72°C, the fusible link melts, and both parts of the blade close.
  3. Two blocking hooks lock the blade in the closed position, and the intumescent material expands, providing a perfect seal to stop flames and smoke.