Uncompromising quality 

As a prominent manufacturer of fire resistant solutions, Rf-Technologies is active in a sector where every compromise can have serious consequences. That is why integral quality policy is a philosophy that spreads through every employee and in every step in the production and logistic processes. As part of this philosophy of total quality, great attention is paid to the quality of our suppliers. Each supplier is rigorously selected and its products are subject to regular quality controls.

Quality as a corporate strategy 

Not only does Rf-Technologies follow the procedures needed to obtain the annual renewal of the ISO 9001 certificate. The company’s production processes are also submitted to specific audits that meet European and national regulations. Product certificates are obtained and renewed under strict controls by independent external bodies

The importance of a qualitative installation

Rf-Technologies is renowned for its differentiated product range that takes into account the specific needs of every person involved: the ease of use, installation comfort and the aeraulic features of the products are continuously improved. Day in, day out, Rf-Technologies, together with its customers, strives for a correct installation of every product. The golden rule is “the right product in the right type of wall sealed in the right way”. This is the only way to be sure that, after installation, the products maintain their fire resistant qualities.