European regulations

The Construction Products Directive was established in 1989 in order to take away any technical obstruction of the trade within the European Union (as a result of the different and often protectionist national regulations). In the meantime, the directive has been replaced by the Regulation (EU) N° 305/2011 for the marketing of construction products.

This Regulation harmonises the methods to evaluate the performance of construction products. For fire dampers for example, the evaluation criteria are summarised in a harmonised European standard (hEN). The harmonised standard does not aim to harmonise national regulations: Member States and public and private sector procurers are free to set their own requirements on the performance of works and therefore products. What the standard harmonises are the methods of test, the methods of declaration of product performance values, and the method of conformity assessment. 

1. European tests - European test standard

2. Classification report - European classification standard

3. Certificate of constancy of performance / declaration of performance - European product standard 

In its pioneering role in the field of compliance with international standards, Rf-Technologies has been testing its products according to the European test criteria since 2004.
The company was the first supplier to propose a complete range of CE marked fire dampers in February 2012.

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