Fire dampers

Fire dampers are installed where air ducts penetrate fire-resistant compartment walls. Their role is to restore the fire resistance grade of the penetrated wall and to prevent smoke propagation. Fire dampers are distinguished by their degree of fire resistance, by their aeraulic properties as well as by their installation ease. Rf-Technologies' fire dampers are all CE marked. They can be equipped with various types of mechanisms depending on the specific needs linked to the project or to the local regulations.

How does a fire damper work?

Fire dampers prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork that crosses fire-resistance rated walls and floors. They are installed in or on the construction element in order to restore its fire-resistance rating.

The fire damper blade is open when the ventilation system is working. They close automatically thanks to the fusible link when the temperature in the duct exceeds a certain threshold: generally 72°C. In remote-controlled and motorised models, they can also close upon receiving a signal sent out by the fire safety system when it is activated by a smoke detector, for example. When closed, the fire damper maintains compartmentation during a guaranteed period.

  1. The ventilation system is working and the fire damper is open.
  2. A fire breaks out and the temperature reaches 72°C: the fusible link melts and the damper blade closes.
  3. The intumescent material expands to create a seal that stops flames and smoke.

Compliant installation of fire dampers

In order to function properly and to guarantee a specific fire resistance rating in the event of a fire, it is crucial that the fire damper is installed in accordance with the tested configuration.
Depending on the type of wall, the installation and sealing procedures described in the classification report must be respected at all time.

Because fire dampers are installed on construction sites, not in a laboratory, we want to simplify the job of everyone involved in the construction chain.
Our core range of fire dampers is therefore tested and certified for all types of walls, with an extensive range of sealing materials.

Your benefits:

  • The wall type can be chosen or modified at a later stage of the project.
  • Installation is simplified and consistent, because the same solution can be applied to the various walls on the construction site.
  • Stock management is easier for our distribution partners, which guarantees a fast delivery.