CU2-L500 - Wide-ranging rectangular fire damper up to 120’

CU2 damper with a tunnel casing extension at the wall side to facilitate the connection to the duct when the supporting construction is thicker than 100 mm.


  • Large dimensions
  • Many options and variants
  • Battery assembly tested in rigid wall
  • Model available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres


  • Suitable for built-in installation
  • Minimal distance allowed
  • Suitable for rigid wall, rigid floor and light wall (metal stud gypsum plasterboard wall), gypsum blocks and sandwich panel wall
  • Sealing with fire resistant stone wool boards allowed, also for asymmetric opening
  • Air tightness in accordance with EN 1751: class B (class C in option)
  • Tested according to EN 1366-2 up to 500 Pa
  • Operating mechanism outside the wall
  • Maintenance-free
  • For indoor use
  • Operating temperature: max. 50°C
  • Intermediate dimensions on request
  • Hygiene certificate for CU2: H > 600 or W > 800 (option when ordering)


  1. Connection flange PG30
  2. Casing made of refractory material
  3. Damper blade
  4. Operating mechanism
  5. Sealing cold smoke
  6. Blade bumper
  7. Intumescent strip
  8. Transmission with locking (open/closed)
  9. Fusible link
  10. Product identification
  11. Graphite strip
  12. Wall limit