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Intellectual property rights
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Personal Data
Rf-Technologies does not collect personal data unless they are voluntarily provided. By filling out and sending an information request, or by sending an e-mail, the visitor gives Rf-Technologies permission to save his or her personal data in an Rf-Technologies N.V. file with an eye on an automated users profile, customer management, market research and direct marketing. The provided data can be transmitted to associations that are contractually bound to Rf-Technologies. The collection of personal data via Rf-Technologies and the exploitation by Rf-t of these data, is strictly in accordance with the stipulations of the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 on the Protection of a Person’s Privacy related to the processing of information. You have the right to inspection and possible correction of your personal data. You have the right to freely resist any processing of your data for direct marketing purposes. You can direct your request for inspection, correction or protest to

Automatically gathered non-personal information
Rf-Technologies can gather non-personal data like browser type or IP address, the operating system which you use or the domain name of the website via which you enter or exit the Rf-Technologies website.

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Rf-Technologies’ liability
Information on the website
The information, software, products and services (“information”) offered on or via this website, can contain all kinds of defects. Rf-Technologies does not guarantee the ability, liability, timeliness or accuracy of the information. The information is delivered and reproduced without any guarantee. Rf-Technologies is neither responsible for possible viruses that can occur on the site despite the taken precautions. Rf-Technologies remains the right to change the information on the site any time.

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Advice via the website
Rf-Technologies cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect advice given on the website about taking any medical, legal, financial or other personal or businesslike decisions. This advice is given without any guarantee. Do contact an expert for additional information concerning the advice given for your specific situation.

Apposite legislation and authorized courts
The Belgian legislation is applicable to this website with exception of the Belgian referral rules from the Belgian international private law. In case of disputes, only the courts of Ghent are authorized.