ZENiX 1FD24 - Field device for monitoring and controlling 1 motorised (24V) fire damper

The ZENiX 1FD24 field device is used to monitor and control 1 motorized fire damper with 24 V actuator. No configuration is required as it has a predefined device address.


  • Suited for a 24 V fire damper actuator, such as a BFL(T)24, BFN(T)24...
  • Predefined address: no need for addressing or configuration of the field device
  • Functional also without 230 V power on the field device: it will indicate the current damper position, but will not be able to re-arm the damper without power
  • LEDs indicate position of the damper, bus communication and error status


  • Connection to one 24 V spring return fire damper actuator
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V AC
  • Power consumption: 25 mW + actuator consumption
  • For wire sizing: 18 VA
  • IP54 casing
  • CE according to 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/C