KAMOUFLAGE 2V120 - Aesthetic smoke control shutter.

Kamouflage aesthetic smoke control shutter, double (2V) shutter unit.


  • Aesthetic solution
  • Modern look: either select the ready-to-install product with white laquered or aluminium finish, or cover with paint or wallpaper
  • Superior air tightness (tested at 1500 Pa)
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Optimal free air passage and minimal pressure loss
  • 2V model with simplified manual reset (closing)
  • Frame available with primer


  • 2 shutters
  • Fire resistance till 120 minutes


  1. 2 shutters (2V)
  2. Frame in anodised aluminium (standard or ATOUT ALU) / with primer (PRIM) / white laquered (ATOUT RAL9010)
  3. Lock + key
  4. Connection compartment
  5. Blocking mechanism + automatic locking at 90°
  6. Product identification
  7. Central support (2V)