KAMOUFLAGE AP 1V120 - a vedw-classified, motorized, aesthetic smoke control shutter

The Kamouflage AP is a vedw-classified, motorized, aesthetic and CE-certified smoke control shutter that can be perfectly integrated in smoke control systems.


  • Can be used in smoke management systems requiring a ved-, vew- or vedw-classification
  • Optimal smoke control system thanks to high free area and minimal pressure losses
  • Easy to install thanks to its light weight
  • Aesthetic solution that can be integrated in any interior design
  • Simple operating tests through remote opening and resetting by an actuator
  • Opens 90° and at intermediate positions when installed in shallow ducts/shafts
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to a double-walled insulated door leaf and seals


  • 1 shutter
  • Fire resistance till 120 minutes


  1. 1 shutter
  2. Aluminium frame
  3. Lock + key
  4. Connection compartment
  5. Actuating arm
  6. Resetting motor
  7. Product identification