ONE-X - Spring return actuator with integrated communication module

The ONE-X is a spring return actuator with integrated communication module designed to simply operate Rf-t fire dampers of all sizes, automatically or remotely. When powered, the actuator moves the damper blade to its stand-by position. When the power is interrupted or when the temperature in the duct exceeds 72°C, the internal armed spring brings the damper blade back into its safety position. The motor can be reset manually by using a standard 9V battery. The integrated communication module enables monitoring and remote control of the fire damper using a ZENiX controller. The status of the fire damper can be read over the bus, even when power is not connected to the fire damper. Three LEDs on the ONE-X indicate the status of the damper, bus communication, and any error messages. The ONE-X is available in two versions: 24 V and 230 V.


  • Integrated solution saves installation time and reduces connection mistakes
  • Predefined device address - no configuration required
  • Service mode for local testing damper
  • 3 LED's indicate status, bus communication and errors
  • Low power consumption


  • Nominal voltage ONE-X 24: 24 V AC/DC (-10%/+20%)
  • Nominal voltage ONE-X 230: 230 V AC (±15%)
  • Power consumption standby: 24 V AC/DC: 0,28W; 230 V AC: 0,57W
  • Power consumption running: 4,2 W
  • IP54


  1. Unlocking button
  2. Blade position indicator
  3. LED red: status
  4. Battery compartment
  5. LED blue: communication
  6. LED orange: error message
  7. Supply
  8. Bus cable
  9. Bus cable