ZENiX-500 DI16 - Field module with 16 potential-free digital inputs

The ZENiX-500 DI16 module works together with the ZENiX-500 controller (master) and provides 16 potential-free digital inputs. The module can be used to connect alarm inputs from the fire detection system (matrix). The module is powered by the ZENiX-500 controller to which it is clipped (modular construction). Each input has a corresponding LED.


  • Suited for 16 digital inputs
  • Modulaire opbouw: wordt vastgeklikt aan de ZENiX-500 controller
  • Predefined address: no need for addressing or configuration of the field device
  • LEDs indicate the status of the inputs
  • Directly mountable on a DIN rail


  • 16 digital inputs, potential free
  • Rated voltage: 24V AC, powered directly by the ZENiX-500 controller
  • CE according to 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/C